Collection: Michael Bryan

Bryan's style is dazzling and powerful, and he captures the essence of the diverse subjects he chooses to portray. From exciting sports events, to glitzy street scenes, to glamorous portraits, Bryan has a unique perspective and a skillful eye for detail, color, movement and composition.

Based in Laguna Beach, Bryan has had his work commissioned by such major corporations as BMW, Merrill Lynch, CBS Television, and Pepsi. His art is displayed in many museums around the world, and he has been the "Official Artist" of such events as the 2003 Olympic Swimming, the 2001 Toshiba Classic, and the 2001 Newport Beach Film Festival. Bryan has also had many one-man exhibitions and his work is owned by many private collectors.


  • LA Fitness Nationwide
  • Mirage Hotel Las Vegas
  • McDonald's Corp. France
  • Coors Brewing Company
  • Toyota Corp. Los Angeles
  • San Diego Chargers San Diego

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