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"Centaur has one of the largest collections of LeRoy Neiman originals open to the public".

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  • Centaur GalleryCentaur Art Gallery of Las Vegas, Nevada
  • SculpturesElegant sculptures and fine art
  • Centaur GalleryCentaur Art Gallery of Las Vegas, Nevada

Centaur has one of the largest collections of LeRoy Neiman originals open to the public


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Fine art gallery repeatedly voted "Best Place to Buy Art" by the Las Vegas Review-Journal


Welcome to Centaur Art Galleries ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

The Oldest Art Gallery in Las Vegas

Welcome to Centaur Art Gallery, the oldest Las Vegas gallery featuring the works of master artists. When you enter the gallery you'll notice a collection second to none. Whether you're looking for a contemporary master, such as Leroy Neiman, or a piece of antiquity from Rembrandt, you will be amazed at what you will find.

We are one of the only art galleries in Las Vegas to offer a five-year exchange plan, where if you want to exchange a piece within five years of purchase, we will gladly offer you store credit towards anything in the gallery. That's unheard of in other galleries.

Fine art is not only a spectacular investment, but also enhances your day-to-day life. That's rare. You needn't be an art expert, as everything at Centaur Gallery is a wise investment. We curate what people want most and look forward to guiding you through a truly unique art buying experience. Contact us today. We look forward to serving you.

As you browse the site, you'll find a huge selection of fine art masterpieces by the most important artists in history from the 16th century through today. Our masters collection features Rembrandt, Renoir, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Alexander Calder, Marc Chagall, Joan Miró, Norman Rockwell, LeRoy Neiman, Mark Lewis, among hundreds more.

Please contact us with any suggestions, questions, or special requests.

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Greg Creason- Turning his Classically Trained Talents into Wild & Eclected Designs ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

Greg Creason’s Dazzling Artwork

“Watermelon Daze” (Sm)-Mixed Media with Hand-Cut & Blown Glass

“The Daydream Pull” -Mixed Media with Hand-Cut & Blown Glass

As an established artist in California, Greg Creason moved to New Orleans and opened Creason’s Fine Art Gallery in 2009. He saw an opportunity to emerge onto the New Orleans’ developing art scene. Creason was inspired by the vivid colors, eclectic people, and stunning scenery of this historic city. His latest works are inspired by the events and celebrations that captures everyone who steps into the city. His gallery is located in the heart of the French Quarter. These elaborate hand blown glass pieces are layered precisely to mimic the flamboyant bows, hats, jewelry, exotic feathers and unique flowers to give each piece an over the top 3D effect. He brings an extra level of pizzazz to every piece he creates, whether he’s bejeweling a pair of sunglasses, adding some sparkle to nail polish. Creason’s works will invoke passion, boundless love, color and awe; the true definition of an artist, the inspired inspiring all who encounter him. To view Creason’s artwork, click here.

Kurt C. Burmann- Newest Visionary Artist Now Available at Centaur ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

“Fix It” 2020- Acrylic on Linen Canvas

Introducing Kurt C. Burmann to Centaur Galleries.

Kurt Burmann is one the most renowned and admired space and visionary artists. Born in Michigan in 1956, Kurt grew up in the rural country farmland of Michigan. It was there he became inspired as a self-taught painter. His career now spans over forty years as a professional artist.

He is known for his exquisite use of color with strict attention for detail and perspective. His unique blend of visionary, environmental and space art themes, combined with a metaphysical and spiritual flare, has earned him many top awards and international acclaim.

Kurt’s artwork have graced the covers and pages of many leading international magazines, several prestigious books, textbooks and children’s books, including: In The Streams of Stars, Visions of Space, and Isaac Asimov’s Library of the Universe. His art is reproduced on many popular fine art prints, canvas Giclee’s, posters, greeting cards, puzzles and numerous licensed products.

His original paintings have been exhibited throughout the U.S. and abroad in numerous solo and international group exhibitions, including: “The World Contemporary Art Exhibition” held in Los Angeles, CA., and the prestigious (IAAA-ASTC) “Other Worlds” international exhibition.

“Monsoon Rising” 2001-Acrylic on Linen Canvas

He has produced many works for science centers, space centers and space museums, as well as background painting and set design for The Children’s Miracle Network Telethon. Often his visual appear in worldwide planetarium presentations and educational television programs.

Many of Kurt’s finest originals have been displayed in several of the most prominent museums, including The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, and are also represented in many outstanding private and corporate collections throughout the world.

Kurt and his wife Carol, of forty years have three grown children and five grandchildren. They have resided in Scottsdale Arizona for the past thirty years. In their time they enjoy being with family and friends, spending time with grandchildren and being close to God in the great outdoors fishing and camping. From his Scottsdale studio, Kurt continues to master a variety of subject themes and new genres, techniques, and evolving skillful ideas, perpetuating his career as an artist and his devoted passion for fine art painting.

To view Kurt’s collection available at Centaur Galleries click Here.

Jay Johansen- Paying Homage to Artists of the Past with his “Fusion Art” Series ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

Billie Holiday“- Acrylic Coated Mixed Media


Jay Johansen’s Fusion Art

Growing up during the ’50s & ’60s in Oakland, Johansen inspiration derived from urban scenes that were painted on buildings. This lead him to study urban artists of the past, and to pay homage to those talented creators that most of the world will never know who they are. This lead him to create a new form of artistic interpretation called “Fusion Art”.

“Unchained Glamour” Marilyn Monroe-Acrylic Coated Mixed Media

Today he enlivens monochromatic faces of different legendary pop icons, movie stars and more with vivid colors that seem to bring life to the surface he is using. Jay continued to create figurative paintings that were difficult to distinguish from photographs. Now with the freedom to create art as he chooses gave him the energy of renewal that allows him to create art he never felt as a professional artists.

To view Johansen’s artwork, click here.



Rare Limited Edition Handcolored Etching

“Into the Open”

“Into the Open” Handcolored Etching Hand-signed Pencil “LeRoy Neiman ’80” Hand-signed in Color “LeRoy Neiman 2000”

In 1980 LeRoy Neiman created the Now famous suite of original
Etchings entitled,
“Eaux Fortes Suite 1980”
Edition Size 250

Twenty years later, Neiman presented our owner with one of his own artist proofs which he hand-painted with gouache and re-signed & re-dated making it QUITE RARE & BEAUTIFUL.

Into the Open

“Into The Open” Etching Hand-Signed & Numbered



Call 702-737-1234 for pricing or for any other questions you may have. Click HERE to view our Neiman Collection.


(SOLD) F.X. McRory’s Whiskey Bar- Rare Classic LeRoy Neiman Masterpiece. ˜ Centaur Art Galleries


LeRoy Neiman’s 1980 Rare F.X. McRory’s Whiskey Bar, Seattle.

F.X. McRory’s Whiskey Bar is classic and treasured bar to the city of Seattle, not to mention of popular water hole to all sports fan who frequant this establishment. Just like the bar itself, Neiman creates amazingly stocked wall of America’s largest collection of premium spirits. What’s a bar without the patrons who are there enjoying the atmosphere as they sip on their spirit of choice and enjoy the game of the night. Lets not forget about the hard working Bartenders and barbacks depicted climbing towering ladders to reach the ever changing and growing collection of spirits that exceed 135 labels. More than 1400 brand sit on these three enormous tiers. This fabulously crafted rare serigraph is now for sale from a private collector’s vault. This limited edition masterpiece is hand-signed “LeRoy Neiman”, in the right hand corner, and numbered H.C 5/60, on the left side. For more information on this vintage phenomenally framed masterpiece, call us at 702-737-1234. Click HERE to view our Neiman collection.

Original Lithograph in Color- Baigneuse, Debout, En Pied ( Nude Bather) By Pierre-Auguste Renoir (SOLD) ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

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Best known for portraiture, figurative work, and his series of voluptuous bathing women, Pierre-Auguste Renoir was among the first group of French Impressionist painters. Renoir was celebrated in the early 20th century as one of the greatest modern French painters. In 1896 Renoir created this beauty “Baigneuse, Debout, En Pied”. With an edition of 100 impressions, several were done in black, but this one was printed in yellow, shades of pink, red, shades of blue & black. Totaling eight different shades. Framed beautifully with an engraved plaque with the words “Pierre-Auguste Renoir-Baigneuse, Debout, En Pied -1896. A “R” was signed in the stone. To check out the rest of our collection of Renoirs, click Here.

For pricing or any other questions to may have please call the gallery at 702-737-1234.

Frank Sinatra and Jilly Rizzo Portrait by LeRoy Neiman (SOLD) ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

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Frank & Jilly, 30 Years of Friendship (SOLD)

This original watercolor painting portrays “Ol’ Blue Eyes”, Frank Sinatra and his close friend Jilly Rizzo enjoying life on the set of ‘Tony Rome’ in 1967. LeRoy Neiman signed & inscribed the piece “Frank Sinatra/Jilly Rizzo/Boyd Estate Coconut Grove, Florida/Shooting for ‘Tony Rome’ May 2 ’67”. Rizzo and Sinatra were like brothers, they’ve known each other for more than 30 years. He was an integral part of Frank Sinatra’s life. Sadly to say Jilly was killed in a automobile accident just hours before his 75th birthday party that was hosted at his house. The tragic event left Sinatra devastated from the loss of his great friend. With the artistic greatness of LeRoy Neiman, their bond will live on in paint forever.

Hole #10-“The Camellia at Augusta National” A Unique by Jesus Villaflor Zevallos Bacci ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

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Centaur Gallery is proud to offer a highly unusual and beautiful unique oil painting of one of the most famous holes in all of golf….Augusta National’s toughest challenge, the famous Hole No. 10… ‘The Camellia’. This par four hole is considered the Master’s toughest to play. Amazingly this colorful work is a painting not a photograph! The artist is the internationally collected Jesus Bacci, one of South America’s premier landscape painters. This one of a kind oil on canvas showcases Bacci’s ability to blend colors to create rich, vibrant environments in his highly collected works. This unique work is offered at an incredibly advantageous price! This is a wonderful opportunity for a golfer to own a truly extraordinary and beautifully framed oil.

Call now to speak with a live Centaur Art Gallery representative about “The Camellia at Augusta National” or any other artistic work by Jesus Villaflor Zevallos Bacci –
(702) 737 -1234 or visit our showroom.
Centaur Art Galleries of Las Vegas, NV

Fine art gallery repeatedly voted "Best Place to Buy Art" by the Las Vegas Review-Journal