Collection: Louis Icart

In 1914, Icart met a magical, effervescent eighteen-year-old named Fanny Volmers, who was to change the course of his life. He was captivated by her beauty and she became his model for quite a number of his etchings. Fanny was defiantly his inspiration. Icart and Fanny had only one child, a girl, who they named Reine, meaning queen. Some of his etchings were exported to the United States and England. The 1920’s were devoted to producing etchings, which the United States markets quickly devoured. In the 1930’s, he turned his artistic talents to poetry. After the war, Hollywood collectors discovered the master of Art Deco and made it nearly impossible for him to keep up with the demand. The demand never waned and his art continues to grace the walls of collectors all over the world.