Collection: Cala

Cala was born in Mexico City on April 9, 1977. She begin her passion for painting at an early age and at  9 she took her first oil classes , although her love for painting led her to learn different techniques in a self-taught was, and over the last years has specialized with several teachers. she pas participated in more than 50 exhibitions in Mexico City, Metepec, Toluca, Queretaro and Lerma. Abroad, she has exhibited several works in Italy, Germany, Endgland and The United States, she now works in Laguna beach, California. Some of the techniques she handles are: oil, acrylic porcelain, watercolor, drawing, mixed media, photography and various graphic arts. Cala has found great inspiration for her works both in everyday life and travel. She considers that art can sometimes be obtained in the small details and in other times in the wonders that this universe offer us, the important is to achieve it, is to open the senses, flow and allow all this to flood us and then transmit it in order to touch the soul of who appreciates it.