Collection: Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol’s career can be seen as a study of celebrity and the consumption of mass media. His portfolios read like a history book, outlining the people and moments that define the twentieth century and cementing them as aesthetic icons. From sports stars to astronauts, Warhol’s prints provide a glimpse into contemporary American life at the time.

One of Warhol’s most sought-after collections consists of all fictional figures. In the Myths Portfolio, he demonstrates the rise of American media through characters from popular films and television programs. Warhol’s reference to mythology is comparing these cartoons, creatures, and idols to the gods and goddesses of ancient times. Mickey Mouse is at the forefront, with the classic cartoon holding its status as a beloved symbol to this day.

Warhol had a strong grip on the pulse of American culture. His ability to recognize and forecast popularity is what led him to the forefront of pop art. As much as his portraits define the 20th century, he became apart of the definition himself. Without Warhol, the cultural landscape would be unrecognizable to how we see it today.

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