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Greg Creason- Turning his Classically Trained Talents into Wild & Eclected Designs

Greg Creason’s Dazzling Artwork

“Watermelon Daze” (Sm)-Mixed Media with Hand-Cut & Blown Glass

“The Daydream Pull” -Mixed Media with Hand-Cut & Blown Glass

As an established artist in California, Greg Creason moved to New Orleans and opened Creason’s Fine Art Gallery in 2009. He saw an opportunity to emerge onto the New Orleans’ developing art scene. Creason was inspired by the vivid colors, eclectic people, and stunning scenery of this historic city. His latest works are inspired by the events and celebrations that captures everyone who steps into the city. His gallery is located in the heart of the French Quarter. These elaborate hand blown glass pieces are layered precisely to mimic the flamboyant bows, hats, jewelry, exotic feathers and unique flowers to give each piece an over the top 3D effect. He brings an extra level of pizzazz to every piece he creates, whether he’s bejeweling a pair of sunglasses, adding some sparkle to nail polish. Creason’s works will invoke passion, boundless love, color and awe; the true definition of an artist, the inspired inspiring all who encounter him. To view Creason’s artwork, click here.

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