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Pour Vous ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

  • Serigraph
  • 2000
  • Limited edition of 350 (350 numbered impressions plus 70 artist proofs and 8 printer’s proofs)
  • Signed with pencil “LeRoy Neiman”, lower right
  • Numbered “221/350”, lower left
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity from Centaur Art Galleries
  • Museum quality archival (acid free) framing
  • DIM: 46 3/4″ H * 57 3/4″ W

International Poker ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

International Poker
  • Serigraph
  • Signed pencil “LeRoy Neiman”, lower right
  • Numbered “312/400”, lower left
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity from Centaur Art Galleries
  • DIM: 45 5/8″ H * 55 5/8″ W



Centaur Galleries proudly announces LeRoy Neiman’s September, 2004 limited edition serigraph release, International Poker.

Recently LeRoy Neiman had occasion to come across an original gambling painting he created in 1971 of a poker game. Struck by the loose freedom of his handling of paint at that time, felt it appropriate to pass the image on to his collectors in the form of a silk screen print as a good example of his work 35 years ago.

Private Rooms of the world’s most exclusive casinos have long been a favorite haunt of our nomadic artist. From Las Vegas and Atlantic City to Monte Carlo and Baden Baden, Neiman is fascinated by high rollers with steel nerves and strong stomachs, challenging the fates in the form of dice, cards or wheels. Some play against the house, as in 21 or baccarat. Others compete against each other, as in poker. In this arena, knowledge of human nature counts for as much as the odds of making a hand. Bluffing is fair play, and a blink or a twitch can give the game away.

In the featured serigraph the artist, as he so often does, conveys the feeling of being a part of the action being right there. Masterfully, his composition also reveals the mind of the high-stakes poker player. The focus of the picture, like that of the players, is the pot, an impressive pile of chips in the center of the table. On the periphery of the player’s attention, are spectators who are only partly depicted, reflecting the lack of interest in them on the part of the players and the viewer. The contenders themselves are portrayed expressionistically, while unmistakably conveying their grave game faces as they calculate odds and assess the competition.

LeRoy Neiman’s popular gaming prints have included Casino, International Roulette, Chemin de Fer, Gaming Table, Vegas Blackjack among others. International Poker is the latest addition to that great tradition and will delight Neiman collectors.

The Playboy Suite – The Complete Suite of 2 ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

The Playboy Suite The Complete Suite

The Playboy Suite- The Complete Suite
Playboy Suite
The Complete Suite of 2

  • Serigraphs
  • 2009
  • Limited edition of 750 (750 suites of two serigraphs, of which 375 suites are signed, plus ten additional suites for the artist)
  • Signed with pencil LeRoy Neiman, lower right
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity from Centaur Art Galleries

Sheet: 31 in. height by 22 in. width
Image: 27 in. height by 18 in. width


Playboy Suite

Centaur Art Galleries is proud to offer The Playboy Suite, a suite of two plate-signed serigraphs by America’s most collected living artist, LeRoy Neiman.

The serigraphs were inspired by two original LeRoy Neiman paintings – Playboy Club and Bunnies Playing Pool, both completed while Neiman was employed by Playboy. Neiman began his spectacular career as the original artist for Playboy Magazine, working along with publisher Hugh Hefner and Art Paul, Playboy’s original art director. The paintings were displayed for years in the Playboy clubs and the original Playboy mansion. Playboy Club, completed in 1966, and Bunnies Playing Pool, completed in 1968, were sold in 2005 and 2009, respectively, through Centaur Art Galleries.

The edition size of The Playboy Suite is 750 suites (two serigraphs), of which 375 suites were signed by the artist, and not numbered. The paper size is 31 in. by 22 in.; the image size, 27 in. by 18 in. As a private commission work, each print was serigraphed in a most meticulous manner with 25 colors per image.

The actual Playboy Club and Playboy Bunny images had never been created in the serigraphic form, and this private commission for Centaur Art Galleries is the only interpretation of Neiman’s genesis as the initial creator of the “Man at his Leisure” theme for Playboy Magazine.

The suite is available exclusively through Centaur Art Galleries.

For pricing and to place your order, call Centaur Art Galleries at +1-702-737-1234.

Tavern on the Green ˜ Centaur Art Galleries


Tavern on the Green

*Unframed Serigraph Available*

  • 1994
  • Signed in the plate
  • Signed magic marker “LeRoy Neiman”, lower right
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity from Centaur Art Galleries


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