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Artwork Title: Lion and Lioness

Lion and Lioness
  • 2007
  • Limited edition of 385
  • Signed with pencil “LeRoy Neiman”, lower right
  • Numbered “A.P. 3/77, lower left
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity from Centaur Art Galleries


Centaur Art Gallleries proudly presents LeRoy Neiman’s March 2007 limited edition serigraph, Lion and Lioness.

In LeRoy Neiman’s strikingly beautiful diptych, Lion and Lioness, we have an intimate look at two of the most majestic animals of the natural world. Neiman’s Lion and Lioness are portrayed in a burst of glowing tonalities, variations of blue, turquoise, yellow, and green, his powerful brushstroke captures not just the outer image of these noble felines but reflects the landscape they inhabit. Lion and Lioness, the ruling monarchs, the ultimate power couple, intense and watchful, regal and serene, secure in their domain.

A veteran of several safaris, LeRoy Neiman’s experiences observing lions on the African plains have allowed us a glimpse into the essence of these magnificent animals. Quoting Neiman, “Observing a lion in his natural environment from your Humvee, you see an animal completely at ease and in command. You’re a visitor, locked inside a car. You are the curiosity. It’s the difference between captivity and freedom.”

The serigraph of this Lion and Lioness captures the dignity, beauty and power of these remarkable creatures.

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