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Artwork Title: International Auction

International Auction
  • 2005
  • Limited edition of 295 (limited edition of 295 numbered impressions; 59 artist proofs; 8 publisher proofs)
  • Signed with pencil LeRoy Neiman, lower right
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity from Centaur Art Galleries

The world’s elite art dealers and exclusive collectors and museums come together for a brief moment to purchase some of the world’s most prized works of art. The fashionable crowd have taken their seats. A brief silence falls upon the room in anticipation for the night to begin. The elegant auctioneer introduces the first treasure on the block – a Renoir. The opening bid is announced at ten million dollars and the international auction ensues. Frantically, the art dealers and the wealthy compete for the coveted prize. Some shout out their bids, others make their offer privately over the phone or from a secret room to keep their identity hidden. Distinguished collectors simply put on their glasses or touch their ear to signal they are in the bidding. Whispers and glances permeate from all directions as curious onlookers attempt to determine the identity of the highest bidder.

Leroy Neiman captures this excitement and drama of the auction market in his April serigraph release, International Auction. With his trademark flair for color, Neiman gives the viewer an all-encompassing portrayal of this high stakes bidding war. He captures the energy and excitement of the auction stage, priceless artwork by the 19th century masters Degas , Modigliani, and Renoir , and the glamorous crowd in the midst of adding another treasure to their important collection.

To quote LeRoy Neiman :

“The moment has come, silence has taken over the room, let the bidding begin and winner take all.”

International Auction adds to Neiman’s diverse range of subject matter and guarantees to be a treasure among his many great masterpieces.


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