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Portrait of the Elephant (SOLD) ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

Portrait of the ElephantSOLD

  • Serigraph
  • 2003
  • Signed with pencil LeRoy Neiman, lower right
  • Numbered 42/450, lower left
  • DIM: 46 1/4″ H * 38 3/8″ W


Centaur Galleries proudly celebrates the holiday season with this December, 2003 release, LeRoy Neiman’s limited edition serigraph, Portrait of the Elephant.

The latest in the artist’s series of wildlife portraits, Portrait of the Elephant follows the hugely popular and successful Portrait of the Leopard, Portrait of the Tiger and Portrait of the Lion. The print also joins Neiman’s famed group of elephant images which includes Elephant, Elephant Triptych, Nocturne, Elephant Stampede, Elephant Family and Elephant Charge.

Like its predecessors in the portrait series, the featured serigraph is close-up and intimate. Like its subject, the world’s largest land animal, the serigraph is dramatic and powerful, dominated by deep blues, greens and purples. The effect is comforting and relaxing, as befits a portrait of the generally gentle beast that fears no other animal. But the soothing colors are offset by the white and gold of the tusks, which are among nature’s most formidable weapons and a reminder that when frightened or frustrated the elephant can wreak more damage than any other creature.

LeRoy Neiman, whose visits to Africa have been chronicled in his book, LeRoy Neiman on Safari , has painted an insightful portrait based on his own personal observation and experience. Portrait of the Elephant is certain to be treasured by Neiman collectors everywhere.

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