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The Big Five ˜ Centaur Art Galleries


The Big Five

  • 2001
  • Serigraph
  • Limited edition of 585 (edition of 585 plus artist proofs)
  • Signed with pencil LeRoy Neiman, lower right

LeRoy brings us back to one of his most exotic and exciting locales, the African Savannah. Not long ago, the artist undertook an extended bloodless safari to the wilderness of Kenya. Many of the resulting paintings and drawings appear in his marvelous book, LeRoy Neiman on Safari. The masterpiece of the trip is an enormous diptych on twin canvasses, each 6 feet tall and 12 feet wide. The featured serigraph is taken from the left half of the diptych, painted completely on location. The artist narrates his work:

“To set the stage for the painting drama, allow me to present the cast of characters starring the Big Five – the Lion, the Elephant, the Cape Buffalo, the Rhinoceros and the Leopard, plus cameos by the Cheetah, the Zebra and the Giraffe. A huge stomping bull elephant dominates the center area. With earth-shaking footfalls he cuts a swath through the tall grass, ears flapping full sail. He has rudely interrupted the post-dining naps of two passive, well-fed lions as the pachyderm’s pack follow their leader, plodding and swaying as they trail behind.

“To the left of the centerpiece elephant, an awe-inspiring, massive, prehistoric rhinoceros couple graze unconcerned, grunting and snorting. Their two-inch think hide is so rugged and weathered you’d think the ones your looking at right now are thousands of years old. You can be sure the cagey leopard, camouflaged overhead in his luxurious spotted coat, will not mess with the rhinoceros. With rhino, the idea is just to stay clear. “Behind the rhino is a trio of cheetah, the imperial feline. The passing parade of pachyderms has interrupted their conspiracy to ambush a zebra. To the right of the elephant, the frieze of zebra travel east to west. From this distance their bleatings cannot be heard, but their stripes make them highly visible. On the other side of looming Mt. Kenya are the distinctive, balletic giraffe. With their commanding view they are the snobbish overseers of the veldt. Finally, the cape buffalo are grazing dangerously close to the lions, assuming they are sated. They all face lionward. You just don’t turn your back, whatever the lion’s mood.”

Neiman collectors are sure to covet this spectacular serigraph, full of all the drama and vastness of the African plain.

International Auction ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

International Auction
  • 2005
  • Limited edition of 295 (limited edition of 295 numbered impressions; 59 artist proofs; 8 publisher proofs)
  • Signed with pencil LeRoy Neiman, lower right
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity from Centaur Art Galleries

The world’s elite art dealers and exclusive collectors and museums come together for a brief moment to purchase some of the world’s most prized works of art. The fashionable crowd have taken their seats. A brief silence falls upon the room in anticipation for the night to begin. The elegant auctioneer introduces the first treasure on the block – a Renoir. The opening bid is announced at ten million dollars and the international auction ensues. Frantically, the art dealers and the wealthy compete for the coveted prize. Some shout out their bids, others make their offer privately over the phone or from a secret room to keep their identity hidden. Distinguished collectors simply put on their glasses or touch their ear to signal they are in the bidding. Whispers and glances permeate from all directions as curious onlookers attempt to determine the identity of the highest bidder.

Leroy Neiman captures this excitement and drama of the auction market in his April serigraph release, International Auction. With his trademark flair for color, Neiman gives the viewer an all-encompassing portrayal of this high stakes bidding war. He captures the energy and excitement of the auction stage, priceless artwork by the 19th century masters Degas , Modigliani, and Renoir , and the glamorous crowd in the midst of adding another treasure to their important collection.

To quote LeRoy Neiman :

“The moment has come, silence has taken over the room, let the bidding begin and winner take all.”

International Auction adds to Neiman’s diverse range of subject matter and guarantees to be a treasure among his many great masterpieces.


Lion and Lioness ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

Lion and Lioness
  • 2007
  • Limited edition of 385
  • Signed with pencil “LeRoy Neiman”, lower right
  • Numbered “A.P. 3/77, lower left
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity from Centaur Art Galleries


Centaur Art Gallleries proudly presents LeRoy Neiman’s March 2007 limited edition serigraph, Lion and Lioness.

In LeRoy Neiman’s strikingly beautiful diptych, Lion and Lioness, we have an intimate look at two of the most majestic animals of the natural world. Neiman’s Lion and Lioness are portrayed in a burst of glowing tonalities, variations of blue, turquoise, yellow, and green, his powerful brushstroke captures not just the outer image of these noble felines but reflects the landscape they inhabit. Lion and Lioness, the ruling monarchs, the ultimate power couple, intense and watchful, regal and serene, secure in their domain.

A veteran of several safaris, LeRoy Neiman’s experiences observing lions on the African plains have allowed us a glimpse into the essence of these magnificent animals. Quoting Neiman, “Observing a lion in his natural environment from your Humvee, you see an animal completely at ease and in command. You’re a visitor, locked inside a car. You are the curiosity. It’s the difference between captivity and freedom.”

The serigraph of this Lion and Lioness captures the dignity, beauty and power of these remarkable creatures.

Pour Vous ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

  • Serigraph
  • 2000
  • Limited edition of 350 (350 numbered impressions plus 70 artist proofs and 8 printer’s proofs)
  • Signed with pencil “LeRoy Neiman”, lower right
  • Numbered “221/350”, lower left
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity from Centaur Art Galleries
  • Museum quality archival (acid free) framing
  • DIM: 46 3/4″ H * 57 3/4″ W

International Poker ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

International Poker
  • Serigraph
  • Signed pencil “LeRoy Neiman”, lower right
  • Numbered “312/400”, lower left
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity from Centaur Art Galleries
  • DIM: 45 5/8″ H * 55 5/8″ W



Centaur Galleries proudly announces LeRoy Neiman’s September, 2004 limited edition serigraph release, International Poker.

Recently LeRoy Neiman had occasion to come across an original gambling painting he created in 1971 of a poker game. Struck by the loose freedom of his handling of paint at that time, felt it appropriate to pass the image on to his collectors in the form of a silk screen print as a good example of his work 35 years ago.

Private Rooms of the world’s most exclusive casinos have long been a favorite haunt of our nomadic artist. From Las Vegas and Atlantic City to Monte Carlo and Baden Baden, Neiman is fascinated by high rollers with steel nerves and strong stomachs, challenging the fates in the form of dice, cards or wheels. Some play against the house, as in 21 or baccarat. Others compete against each other, as in poker. In this arena, knowledge of human nature counts for as much as the odds of making a hand. Bluffing is fair play, and a blink or a twitch can give the game away.

In the featured serigraph the artist, as he so often does, conveys the feeling of being a part of the action being right there. Masterfully, his composition also reveals the mind of the high-stakes poker player. The focus of the picture, like that of the players, is the pot, an impressive pile of chips in the center of the table. On the periphery of the player’s attention, are spectators who are only partly depicted, reflecting the lack of interest in them on the part of the players and the viewer. The contenders themselves are portrayed expressionistically, while unmistakably conveying their grave game faces as they calculate odds and assess the competition.

LeRoy Neiman’s popular gaming prints have included Casino, International Roulette, Chemin de Fer, Gaming Table, Vegas Blackjack among others. International Poker is the latest addition to that great tradition and will delight Neiman collectors.

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