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Red Eye ˜ Centaur Art Galleries



“Red Eye”

Original Painting on Canvas

DIM: 48″ W * 36″ H












Red Eye-in the right upper portion, you see prominent, rounded red figures. I saw them as glaring eyes. Some many relate to taking overnight flights, so it has real-world connotations which may be very applicable to certain people and their lifestyles. I like to consider everyday occurrences, so people can relate to the piece in some manner. Red Eye was the most obvious title to me.

Moonlight Mud Pie ˜ Centaur Art Galleries



“Moonlight Mud Pie”

Original Painting on Canvas

DIM: 49 5/8″ W * 37 3/8″ H









Moonlight Mud Pie-to me, this painting contains dark, rich, earthly tones as well as a lighter component. I walked past the painting several times, and that name just kept hitting me. I liked the sound of it. I like the romance of moonlight and the kid in me just thought of making mud pies at night. It’s one of those strange names that had both meaning and a whimsical nature about it. It is meant to lift your spirits.

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