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Centaur would like to Introduce Dana Beery as the Newest Artist Available at the Gallery. ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

Artist Dana Beery

When you see one of Dana Beery’s paintings or you have the opportunity to meet her in person, you will see that she is based and inspired on Rock and Roll. Raised in a household of creating art, cars and music, Dana considers herself as an old-school punk rocker. Born in California and well traveled throughout the United States, Dana has spent the last 16 years in Hollywood and currently, Las Vegas, working in the Film and Music Industry as a Professional Photographer and Key-Pro Make-Up Artist.
Having numerous working relationships with celebrities and famous musicians, one could literally write a book about her life! From sharing a house with Linda Blair, of The Exorcist, to working with Prince in London and Las Vegas, to being given a tour by Paul Stanley at his house… there are so many fascinating stories that have inspired her to create her most recent series of paintings. Dana is currently working on a commissioned painting for Robert Downey, Jr.
Dana’s photography and celebrity portraiture is deep and on the surface, seemingly dark. Inspired by masters like Rembrandt, she has a keen sense of lighting in both her photography and fine art paintings.
“Since I can remember, I have been given the gift of being able to see things that most people miss… like shapes, faces and figures in broken tiles, coffee stains, rain puddles or dust on a mirror.”
As an artist with intense self-discipline and influenced by her world travels, Dana has fallen in love with creating her original fine art paintings that are typically fantasy based and surreal. She carefully selects radical, attention getting subjects that intentionally bend the mind. She enjoys bringing humor to people through her paintings, using vibrant palettes and thought provoking somewhat twisted and distinct subjects. Oftentimes, Dana’s fans enjoy the humorous side that is braided in her work… and end up laughing! She is uniquely inspired by untypical subjects, often incorporating her own image as one of, “The Rolling Stones” as she navigates through her adventurous and amazing life.

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Salvador Dali Bronze Sculpture Final Close Out Sale! Less Than A Half Dozen Left! ACT NOW!! ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

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Le Triton Aile’

Bronze Sculpture- Gold Patina

Includes Wooden Box &
Certificate of Authenticity

“Nu Montant l’Escalier- Hommage A Duchamp”    

Bronze Sculpture- Gold Patina

Includes Wooden Box & 
Certificate of Authenticity

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MontBlanc Limited Edition Pens ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

Now Available!

Fountain & Ballpoint Pens

Limited Edition, Writer’s Edition MontBlanc Pens

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Limited Edition Serigraph “Desert Inn Baccarat” ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

One of LeRoy Neiman’s Most Famous Limited Edition Serigraph
“Desert Inn Baccarat”

The signed & numbered “Desert Inn Baccarat” optimizes the legendary Las Vegas vibe of Del Webb’s famed oasis in the desert during its heyday. The original painting was an icon at the resort casino. The serigraph is a masterpiece of color, visual interest and style.

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Original Lithograph in Color- Baigneuse, Debout, En Pied ( Nude Bather) By Pierre-Auguste Renoir (SOLD) ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

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Best known for portraiture, figurative work, and his series of voluptuous bathing women, Pierre-Auguste Renoir was among the first group of French Impressionist painters. Renoir was celebrated in the early 20th century as one of the greatest modern French painters.  In 1896 Renoir created this beauty “Baigneuse, Debout, En Pied”.  With an edition of 100 impressions, several were done in black, but this one was printed in yellow, shades of pink, red, shades of blue & black. Totaling eight different shades.  Framed beautifully with an engraved plaque with the words “Pierre-Auguste Renoir-Baigneuse, Debout, En Pied -1896. A “R” was signed in the stone.  To check out the rest of our collection of Renoirs, click Here.


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Frank Sinatra and Jilly Rizzo Portrait by LeRoy Neiman (SOLD) ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

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   Frank & Jilly, 30 Years of Friendship (SOLD)

This original watercolor painting portrays “Ol’ Blue Eyes”, Frank Sinatra and his close friend Jilly Rizzo enjoying life on the set of ‘Tony Rome’ in 1967. LeRoy Neiman signed & inscribed the piece “Frank Sinatra/Jilly Rizzo/Boyd Estate Coconut Grove, Florida/Shooting for ‘Tony Rome’ May 2 ’67”.  Rizzo and Sinatra were like brothers, they’ve known each other for more than 30 years. He was an integral part of Frank Sinatra’s life. Sadly to say Jilly was killed in a automobile accident just hours before his 75th birthday party that was hosted at his house. The tragic event left Sinatra devastated from the loss of his great friend. With the artistic greatness of LeRoy Neiman, their bond will live on in paint forever.

Hole #10-“The Camellia at Augusta National” A Unique by Jesus Villaflor Zevallos Bacci ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

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Centaur Gallery is proud to offer a highly unusual and beautiful unique oil painting of one of the most famous holes in all of golf….Augusta National’s toughest challenge, the famous Hole No. 10… ‘The Camellia’. This par four hole is considered the Master’s toughest to play. Amazingly this colorful work is a painting not a photograph! The artist is the internationally collected Jesus Bacci, one of South America’s premier landscape painters. This one of a kind oil on canvas showcases Bacci’s ability to blend colors to create rich, vibrant environments in his highly collected works. This unique work is offered at an incredibly advantageous price! This is a wonderful opportunity for a golfer to own a truly extraordinary and  beautifully framed oil.

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Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Serigraph ” The Lights of Broadway” By LeRoy Neiman (SOLD) ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

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In “The Lights of Broadway”, LeRoy Neiman brings together a vibrant collage of the world’s most renowned musicals, and displays them on billboards in the heart of Times Square in New York City. He used black paper to display a nighttime view, and to make the neon colors stand out. If you look closely to the bottom of the page, you will see Neiman in his coveralls standing on an island sketching the beautiful scene you see before you.

LeRoy wanted to display a numerous amount of plays that the average person would of at least seen one of or heard of in their lifetime. My Fair Lady was deliberately placed at the top in bright pink, because it was LeRoy’s favorite play. From the foot traffic on every block, to the yellow taxis and fancy cars driving down street & police officers on horseback, Neiman wanted you to get the feeling that you spent a night in city that never sleeps.

This piece is a signed & numbered edition with 313/450 in the bottom left hand corner, and LeRoy Neiman’s signature in the bottom right hand corner.  Call now to speak with a live Centaur Art Gallery representative about the rare  “Lights of Broadway” or any other artistic work by LeRoy Neiman– (702) 737 1234 or visit our showroom.

Serigraph Artwork “Celebrating 100 years of Neon” By LeRoy Neiman ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

Centaur Art Galleries of Las Vegas has the largest exhibit of LeRoy Neiman’s artwork on display. LeRoy Neiman was an American artist who lived between 1921 and 2012. He is known for his use of sriking colors, and is well known for paintings of leisure life and athletic competitions such as the Olympics, the Super Bowl, the World Series, championship boxing, PGA ant the Masters golf tournament, entertainment, and gambling to name a few. Neiman’s “Celebrating 100 years of Neon” produced in 2005 was commissioned by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority through Centaur Art Galleries. “Celebrating 100 years of Neon” is a plate-signed serigraph with a total edition size of 500, of which 250 are hand-signed.


The screen print is a collage of typical scenes you will see in Las Vegas, the show girl and the cowboy and you can’t forget about the gambling. At the top of the serigraph is the well-know “Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign. Above the sign reads 100 YEARS 1905 – 2005. The name Neimen gave the painting, “Celebrating 100 years of Neon,” is interesting. On May 15, 1905, Las Vegas was officially founded a city. In Las Vegas, we have the Neon Museum. The Neon Museum is where all of the old Las Vegas signage goes to retire. The museum didn’t officially open until October 27, 2012, but the point giving the background to the museum is Las Vegas is known for its neon lights. You can also see many of LeRoy Neiman’s other brilliant pieces inside Centaur Art Galleries of Las Vegas.

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