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Rosario Taype

Born: 1977; Ayacucho
Nationality: Peruvian

Born in Ayacucho, Peru, in 1977, Rosario is considered one of the best upcoming Latin American artists in the last decade. Her traditional technique is unusual and very elaborated. Rosario is inspired by the Old Masters and uses light as the center of attention.

Rosario graduated from the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Ayacucho in 2001. She has received a number of distinctions from her university, including a second place title at the Annual Drawing Contest and special mention in her graduation. Additionally, she won first place at the International Painting Contest organized by Channel 19 in Ayacucho in 2003.

Rosario has participated in more than a dozen exhibitions across South America. Her work was selected as the cover of two well-known publications, El Colibri Lirico andGrupo AEDA. Her works are collected by well-known national and international art collectors.

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