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Gyula Siska

Born: 1958; Szamosszeg, Hungary
Nationality: Hungarian

Biography of Gyula Siska

Gyula Siska is a Hungarian artist born in 1958 in the little town of Szamosszeg. He is known worldwide for his expertise in Daguerreotypias and restoration of old photographs. The daguerreotype, invented in 1839, became the first popular photographic medium. A one-of-a-kind, highly detailed image on a silver-plated copper sheet, the daguerreotype was a unique original — there was no negative from which multiple prints could be made. Siska’s interest in the highly detailed daguerreotypes runs a common thread through his painting style. His favorite theme is still lifes, and his highly detailed florals are reminiscent of antique photographs and are painstakingly exact in their detail of each petal and leaf. Viewers of his paintings are often tempted to wipe away the realistic drops of water placed in his paintings prior to the realization that they are in fact a part of the painting.

Siska attended and graduated from the High School for the Arts and moved on to the Academy of Fine Arts studying painting and restoration. His first job after school was as a restorer of photographs while he took time to more fully develop his education in the classical techniques of painting. Since then, Siska has made a name for himself in Europe and America as both a painter and a restoration expert. When the Pope visited Budapest, Siska, together with a sculptor, created a circular copy of the famous Turino Shroud, using a mixed media technique of bronze casting and photography. His work has been regularly exhibited by major European galleries in London, Paris, and Vienna. Collectors appreciate his meticulous detail and the appealing value of his work that few living artists are able to achieve, the calm feel of an old master floral painting.

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