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Victor Duenas Silva

AKA: Slink
Born: August 28, 1979
Nationality: Peruvian

Victor “Slink” Duenas Silva was born in Peru on August 28, 1979.

A graduate of the National University of San Agustin in Arequipa, he served on the art faculty there from 1997 to 2003.

Duenas received a Diploma of Honor for the work, Jedy’s Concerts, 2000; Honorable Mention in an exhibition organized by the French Embassy, Passport for an Artist, Arequipa, 2005; and received a scholarship for graduate studies granted by the French Alliance of Arequipa, 2005. Graduate studies include a course in Digital Graphic Design at the Technological Superior Institute in 2000, as well as numerous other courses and diplomas: Decoration, Color & Textures/National University of San Agustin, 2001; Engraving Techniques of Xilografia at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, 2003; Certificate granted by the Department of Education of Tarapac, Chile in Drawing & Painting, 2003. In 2005, Duenas received certificates granted by the Municipal District de Jose Lima Bustamante and Rivero for participating in Critical Seminary – Art.

He has had numerous exhibitions in Peru and Chile. In 2005, these exhibitions included Tribute to the International Women’s Day, 100 Years of SEAL at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Arequipa; It Constructs 2005, organized by Institutions and Cultural Center’s First Festival of Art AQP; participated in a group exhibition Campaign Against Environmental Contamination at Gallery Atahuallpa at the UNSA Center; group exhibition Preachings on a Common Space, Chaves of the Rose Cultural Complex. In 2006, his work was featured at the Night of Art, UNSA, January; group exhibition Harmony & Color organized by the Provincial Municipality of Arequipa at the Palace of Culture, February; and a group exhibition Intervention by an Artist: Citizen Dignity organized by the Anticorruption Coordinator Against Impunity in Arequipa, March.

“By revealing the innermost chambers of a flower, I seek to show the very basics of nature’s incredible beauty,” states Duenas. “I am humbled by it.”

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