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Cao Shunhua

AKA: Bob
Born: 1969
Nationality: Chinese

“Bob” Cao Shunhua, known as Shanghai’s Young Lyric Oil Painter, attended Huaibei, Anhui Normal University from 1986 to 1990 where he graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Fine Arts. Quickly after graduation he held his first solo exhibition.

Cao’s brushstrokes give grace and movement to his uniquely textured canvases.

Since 2001 “Bob” Cao Shunhua has participated in group and solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

His paintings are collected in his native country China and are now capturing the attention of American art collectors. Cao is absorbed in study and painting of art and has turned himself to the hybrid development of eastern and western art.

His recent exhibitions include:

2002 Guangzhou International Art Fair Exhibition

2003 “Dream Home” Oil Painting Exhibition (Shanghai)

2004 Personal Painting Exhibition (Shanghai)

2005 Shanghai Spring Art Salon Exhibition

2005 Beijing International Art Fair

2005 Freehand Painting Exhibition (Shanghai)

2005 Shanghai International Art Fair

2006 Solo Exhibition of Freehand Painting (Shanghai)

2007 Shanghai Spring Salon Exhibition

2008 Impressionistic Oil Painting Exhibition (Taiwan)

2010 Freehand Painting Exhibition (Shanghai)

2011 Shanghai International Art Fair

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