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Born in Madre de Dios, Peru, in 1973, Salazar R. comes from one of the poorest but nicest areas in South America. By the age of 15, he immigrated to the city, Lima in search of a future. To his surprise, making a living in Lima was very difficult; it was a matter of survival. Little did he know that he would be using the drawing skills that he developed in elementary school to survive.

Initially, he assisted an architect with his drawings, starting with sketches and, after a couple of years of practice, making the final drawings, as well. The seed, however, had been planted, and from there on, he became interested in painting, joining the atelier of Azarin, a famous Peruvian painter.

Salazar R. studied Sculpture and Mythology at the well-known School of Arts of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica. His hobbies and interest, in addition to the arts, are Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Ai-Kodo, gymnastics and swimming.

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