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Elizabeth Peña

Born: July 8, 1966; Lima, Peru
Nationality: Peruvian

Biography of Elizabeth Peña

Born in Lima, Peru, Elizabeth Peña is one of those rare natural talents that is evolving into a master painter.

She started quite young making beautiful drawings that, after a few years, prompted her parents to persuade her to attend art school. Not very ambitious, but not totally discontent, she started school, which became a time for developing her magnificent drawing skills and not more than that. She was well known at school for her art independence.

Peña has always loved the classics. She especially admires Rembrandt. The biggest influence on her, however, is the French master Fatin-Latour. Other influences include the style of Baca Flor and the sobriety of Merino, both of whom are Peruvian artists from the past century.

Despite her recent introduction to the American market, her work has been received with acclaim. Presently, Peña is showing in more than 20 galleries in the United States and Canada.

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