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A master of classical art techniques, Miguel Paredes’ portraits capture the essence of an individual’s character. Whether he is painting a memorable moment in the playful heart of a child, the depth and character lines that express wisdom and experience in an older person, or the quintessential beauty and mysterious allure of a female nude, he creates images that resonate in a powerful manner. A perfectionist by nature, Paredes tweaks each painting with meticulous attention to detail. His work emulates subtleties that distinguished the figurative masterpieces of our most revered classical artists. Paredes says, “I strive in all my work to create timeless pieces, which will endure beyond you and I…that they will be works that will become tomorrow’s classics.” He seems to connect on a deep emotional level with the viewer, transcending conscious thought. Paredes specializes in custom portraiture. His work skillfully captures the individual nuances and subtleties that turn his portraits into enduring family treasures.

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