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Andres Palacios

AKA: Maria; Maria A.; Palach
Born: 1958; Ancash, Peru
Nationality: Peruvian

Born in 1958 in Ancash, Peru, Andres Palacios is one of the brightest young Peruvian painters. Despite his childhood adversities, Palacios became an art student at the National Art School of Bellas Arts in Lima, Peru. He graduated in 1984, and later served as an art teacher at the same school.

Palacios also has a very strong religious orientation that he has kept for a long period of time. He studied theology for three years at a Lima seminary. At one point, he was considering becoming a priest, but his vocation for painting was stronger. Before completion, he decided to pursue a career in art. He never abandoned his deep sense of spirituality, however, which is reflected in many of his paintings.

Palacios worked as an assistant for the well-known painter Abraham Chapeiquen for five years before becoming an independent painter at a very young age. The very rich textures of his work, achieved through layers of paint and texturizing, render wonderfully romantic and Old-World aspects.

Palacios has done several exhibitions in Peru, and, as a prolifíc artist, has paintíngs in collections and galleries around the world.

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