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Kent, Melanie Taylor ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

Melanie Taylor Kent is an American artist. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she was raised and has spent most of her life in Southern California. She won her first National Art Competition at age 12. She graduated from the UCLA School of Art and taught art in the Los Angeles City Schools. In 1980 she started her own publishing company and has published a series of art chronicling America by depicting famous streets and famous events.

Her artwork has been licensed to Warner Bros., The Walt Disney Corporation and Hanna-Barbera.

Kent’s serigraphs are noted for the personalities that challenge collectors to identify them. She was the first artist to be licensed by the Walt Disney Company to portray Disney theme parks in limited edition prints and has been selected as the official artist of the LA Dodgers and the 30th anniversary of Dodger Stadium. She was selected as the official artist of the 50th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz”, the 15th anniversary of “Star Wars” and the 10th anniversary of “E.T.”. Her depiction of the 1984 Olympics, “Let the Games Begin”, was licensed by the US Olympic Committee.

Most of Kent’s limited edition works are done as serigraphs, using as many as 200 separate color plates and heavy, acid free archival papers.

Moulton, Ned ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

As a Florida native, Ned Moulton spent years capturing the faces of beautiful women and ultimately developed a way of bending Plexiglas and painting on it revealing faces that were spectacular. After spending years learning how to paint horses and jockeys racing toward the homestretch as well as bicycle racers, wild animals and other images all painted with acrylics on wood that he gives coats of resin giving them shine, the rest is history! Ned’s unusual creations are sold worldwide and can be found at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital boasting one of giraffes that is 13 feet tall along with it’s other companions.

Curtis, Mike ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

Mike Curtis is well known for creating beautiful and inspiring wildlife sculptures in bronze. He has been sculpting the bald eagle since 1971 and is considered the foremost sculptor of this magnificent creature. His artistic and accurate renditions of the bald eagle are widely recognized as those best capturing the beauty and freedom of our nation’s proud symbol. Throughout the year, Bald Eagles dive in the lake after fish and perch in the trees near his studio. Studying eagles in the wild, Curtis observes their courtship rituals, nesting habits, and drawing their catches from the waters of the lakes and rivers. His commanding portrayals of the powerful and symbolic eagle remain unequaled.

Parades, Miguel ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

A master of classical art techniques, Miguel Paredes’ portraits capture the essence of an individual’s character. Whether he is painting a memorable moment in the playful heart of a child, the depth and character lines that express wisdom and experience in an older person, or the quintessential beauty and mysterious allure of a female nude, he creates images that resonate in a powerful manner. A perfectionist by nature, Paredes tweaks each painting with meticulous attention to detail. His work emulates subtleties that distinguished the figurative masterpieces of our most revered classical artists. Paredes says, “I strive in all my work to create timeless pieces, which will endure beyond you and I…that they will be works that will become tomorrow’s classics.” He seems to connect on a deep emotional level with the viewer, transcending conscious thought. Paredes specializes in custom portraiture. His work skillfully captures the individual nuances and subtleties that turn his portraits into enduring family treasures.

Coleman, James ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

James Coleman

James Coleman was born in Hollywood in 1949, and from a young age you could tell this kid had a special talent for the arts. With his wonderful sense of color and ability to translate emotion into image has molded his professional career that spans over 26 years. As a young man growing up in the U.S film industry capital , James’s interest in film making and fine art would mark the beginning of a long, successful career in animated films. He found his artistic niche at Walt Disney Studios as a background animation specialist for 22 years. Eventually James Coleman left the motion picture industry and turned his talent to canvas full time. He works in oil, watercolor, gouache and pastel, creating images that are impressionistic in style. His fantastic landscapes, sumptuous rain forest and deep quiet woods show Coleman’s extreme mastery and talent as an artist.

Asencio, Henry ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

Henry Asencio

Born: 1971 in Los Angeles, California

Education and training: San Francisco Academy of Art University

Major awards:
“Today’s Top Artist”, Art Business News (2007– 2010)
Thayer and Chandler Sponsorship Tour
Gold and Silver Medal Amsterdam Art Competition

Major shows:
Latin American Museum (2009)
New York Artexpo sell-out shows (2002-2009)

Although Asencio earned a living as a portrait artist early in his career, today he is “more concerned with creating a mood and pushing the aesthetic rather than achieving a true likeness as the ultimate end.” Asencio refers to the current content of his work as “sublime figures with aggressive application.” He is naturally drawn to paint the human figure for its “timeless sensitivity” and, he adds, “nothing inspires me more intensely than the female form.” His artwork is noted for its sensual vitality that is striking and simple; it is art that “sustains its integrity through the subtleties.” In the end, it is Asencio’s impulsive approach to his art and the passion expressed in each one of his paintings that has the power to move the viewer and take on an identitly all its own.A native of California, today the artist lives and works in his studio near San Jose, north of his birthplace of Los Angeles.

United Kingdom Tour 2008, 2011

Rut, Tomasz ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

Tomasz Rut

Born into a remarkably artistic and talented family, Tomasz Rut was raised in Warsaw, Poland. His passion for art came from his mother – an artist and art teacher – and his interest in the classical human form came from watching his father, a three-time Olympic champion, excel as an athlete. Rut displayed a prodigious artistic talent from an early age; when he was only 11, his first drawings were exhibited in a solo gallery show. Rut decided to nurture his natural talent formally at both the Pratt Institute in New York and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. While in Warsaw, Rut studied painting and was awarded a Master’s degree in Conservation.

Currently living and working in Hollywood, Florida, Rut finds inspiration in the art of the Renaissance and the Baroque periods; his talent is at its most admirable in his classical paintings. Depicting the struggle and beauty of human experience, Rut also ages his vibrant paintings, imitating the style of Italian frescoes. Of his art, Rut says, “By this juxtaposition of spiritual versus physical, I hope to convey the quality that transcends time and suggests the eternal nature of our ethical struggle between right and wrong. Hence, beauty and decay.”

Rut’s artwork can be found in more than ten permanent museum collections, including the Smithsonian Institution. Perhaps most notably, Rut’s pieces “Be Not Afraid” and “Nolite Timere” were recently accepted as part of the Vatican collection. His piece “Olympica” was under review to be an official image of the 2012 Olympics.

Cruz, Carlos Leon ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

Carlos Leon Cruz

Peruvian artist born in Otuzco, La Libertad, Peru, in 1967, León studied at the Escuela de Bellas Artes of Trujillo, graduating with highest honors in 1991. Interested in three dimensional works León studied sculpture for several years and it was in those years that he understood what his destiny and style were going to be. Surprised by the quality of his sketches, several of his professors encouraged him to study painting. It took him a few years to convince himself that he could express his ideas in two dimensions. León’s work is supremely technical and robust. His figures show an exceptional originality that complemented with the application of the paint, demonstrate a maturity seldomly seen.”

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