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Augusto Muro

Born in the port of Callao, in Peru, in 1957, Muro studied at the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Lima. Additionally, he studied at the Museo de Arte de Lima and at the atelier of the renown Peruvian artist Roberto Robles. He taught painting to children through the prestigious Instituto Nacional de Cultura for 2 years, after graduating from the Art School. His paintings are, for the most part, in well-known collections in Moquegua, in the south of Peru, were rich mining emporiums created enormous wealth and interest in the arts. He became known in the area after he won several awards in local painting contests like the First Contest of Pintura Moqueguanista, a contest organized by the office of the Instituto Nacional de Cultura in Moquegua and the Contest organized by the Industria Turismo y Negociaciones Comerciales Internacionales in Moquegua. Muro is also known for his murals like, the one the High School Santa Fortunata in Moquegua. Among his most important exhibitions, should be mentioned: the Painting Exhibition at the Club de Jubilados del IPSS, Moquegua, 1992; First Painting Exhibition at the Direccion de Turismo, Moquegua, 1993; Exhibition at the Mine Cuajone, Cuajone, 1993; the Painting Exhibition at the Galeria la Casa de la Cultura, Ilo, 1993; Painting Exhibition at the Casa del Maestro, Moquegua, 1994; and, Painting Exhibition at the Instituto Superior de Arte, Arequipa, 1994.

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