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Pablo Muñoz

Born: Cuzco, Peru
Nationality: Peruvian

Pablo Munoz was born in Peru and studied at the School of Arts of Cuzco. He is descended from a long line of painters that flourished in Cuzco. In fact, Pablo claims that his ancestors actually assisted the famous Spanish artists, who came to Cuzco, and who were sponsored by the Spanish elite to spread the word of God through religious art. Munoz’s technique can best be described as classical. It has been literally perfected and passed down from generation to generation throughout the centuries. Munoz’s landscape paintings offer enigmatic and surreal vistas; ones that are at once inviting yet foreboding. Overcast skies and shadows are pierced by ribbons of light and sporadic flashes of intense color that serve as focal points. Focus shifts through dark fields and forests towards a mysterious light. In a Munoz painting there is a sense hope and optimism that is characterised by the contrast between lights and shadows. Munoz’s message is philosophically profound: the light guides one through the mysterious, often dark journey of life. This light guides the journeyer through a dark terrain and gives incentive to complete the journey – pointing the way to it’s end. Munoz is gaining a reputation as a formidable South American artist. His exhibitions, which mostly take place in Cuzco (the place of his birth), attract enormous accolades and critical acclaim . Munoz’s paintings are housed in many prestigious collections throughout Peru, the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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