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Diana Mendoza

Born: Junin, Peru
Nationality: Peruvian

Biography of Diana Mendoza

Born in Junin, Peru, Diana Mendoza graduated as professor of painting in the sixties from the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes with one of the highest awards in the specialty of painting and drawing. She worked as a teacher and designer before devoting all of her time to painting. She is also an accomplished musician and mother of several children.

The spiritual art of Diana Mendoza is a unique blend of European styling and Peruvian arts education. Known for her intense work ethic and skillful precision, Mendoza combines gold and silver leaf with oil on canvas. The elaborate, time-consuming process results in sublime imagery that is universally appealing and touches the human spirit.

Focusing on religious imagery (best known for her renderings of the blessed Madonna) the artist works in small and large formats, including triptychs and diptychs, in order to appeal to an extensive audience. Through exquisite composition, dramatic texture, and dynamic architectural components, Mendoza is constantly honing her technique and experimenting with new elements of composition and style. She spends countless hours studying new subject matters in order to keep her paintings fresh and appealing.

Mendoza will continue to strive for the perfect painting. Like many artists, she feels her work is never finished. Aiming always for perfection, Mendoza will continue to build her body of work, hoping that “the perfect painting” will never come, so she may continue to create and do what she loves.

Diana has participated in several exhibitions including the Galeria Entre Nous, Lima (1983); Arte Popular de Peru, Salvador, Brazil (1984); Universidad de Bahia, Brazil (1986); Galeria Panorama, Bahia, Brazil (1986); Country Club Jacaranda, Bahia, Brazil (1988); Club Ancash, Lima, Peru (1988); Asociacion de Artistas Plasticos del Peru (1988); Galeria Picasso, Lima, Peru (1988); Casa de la Cultura, Manaos, Brazil (1992); Palacio de Cultura, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1992); Instituto Peruano Norteamericano, Lima, Peru (1993); and Galeria Chagall, Lima, Peru (1994).

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