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Gregorik Mária

AKA: Gregorik Mária, Grey
Born: April 29, 1946; Budapest, Hungary
Nationality: Hungarian

Biography of Gregorik Mária

The artist, Gregorik Mária, who goes by the artistic name of Grey, was born on April 29, 1946 in Budapest, Hungary.

After finishing her general and high school studies in Cegled, she was admitted to the geography-drawing faculty of the Teacher’s College in Szeged where she received a degree in 1973.

She spent her summer holidays with a colony of artists in Keazthely. Then in Zebegeny, she received a scholarship for more than five years.

In 1974, she was admitted to the postal course of the Academy of Fine Arts. Before entering the academy, she mainly worked with batik, enamel and pastel works. After finishing her training in the Art School of Budapest, she worked first with graphite. Later she started to draw fruit and flowers that express the romance, charm of color and classic still-life. She became a well-know painter all over Europe.

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