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Lisandro Lopez Baylon

AKA: Lisandro Lopez
Born: 1951; Buenos Aires
Nationality: Argentinian

Biography of Lisandro Lopez

Lisandro Lopez was born in Buenos Aires in 1951. He studied at the Pan American School of Art as well as the School of Fine Arts, both in Buenos Aires.

Since 1971, Lopez has dedicated his energies exclusively to painting. He has lived and exhibited his work in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela. He also travelled to Panama, Costa Rica, Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and briefly to Montreal, Canada.

In 1977, he came to the United States for the first time, and has since painted in different areas of the country. Travelling has been his custom since he left Argentina. From his travels, he has gained tremendous insight from the distinctive realities of the various countries as expressed in the dramatization of his paintings.

Although Lopez prefers to paint with a palette knife, he also uses a brush.

Paintings by Lopez have been very well received in the United States, and his work can be found in fine galleries across America.

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