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Ramon Lombarte

Born: Barcelona, Spain
Nationality: Spanish

Biography of Lombarte

Lombarte was born in Barcelona, the Catalan region of Spain. This region is the cultural, financial and industrial center of the country. Lombarte shares the rich artistic heritage of this region with many famous artists, among whom are Miró, Dalí, Tobaiasse, Picasso, Gaudi, and Tapies.

Lombarte graduated from Massana School of Fine Art in 1976, the school also attended by Picasso and Miró. There he received traditional training and learned to create canvases without relying on modern-day short cuts. He typically sketches as many as 60 to 70 preliminary studies in pencil, prepares intermediary “mixed media” studies, and finishes with fully conceived final canvases (acrylic and oil on linen). Being a traditionalist in this sense, Lombarte does not work from photographs, but with live models. Nonetheless, he is surprisingly prolific, producing between 30 to 45 new canvases yearly.

Lombarte’s work has been tremendously well received due to its realistic subject matter. This approach is quite refreshing in a time when many of his contemporaries follow the current trend towards modern and abstract imagery. Since his American debut in 1987 at the Nippon Club in New York, Lombarte has captured the attention of many serious American art collectors and firmly established his market in Europe – his work can be seen in major museums. Notable European collectors include King Juan Carlos of Spain, Andres Segovia, Antonio Gala, and Waldemar Neilsen.

In order to make his work to a greater audience, Lombarte began creating lithographs. True to his painting style, he personally draws the image on each stone to insure that his limited-edition prints are his work and not that of another artist interpreting his images. He is so committed to quality and authenticity that, using antique lithographic presses with the assistance of a French master printer, he hand-pulls each piece of every edition. This serious attention to traditional technique prompted him to set up his own atelier in order to achieve maximum control over the quality of every print.

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