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Earl Linderman

In the course of his artistic career, Dr. Linderman earned a doctorate in art from Pennsylvania State University. He is a former professor of painting and drawing at Arizona State University in Tempe, where he taught for 27 years.

Earl Linderman’s art is known internationally; And is held in many museums and private collections. He has had numerous one person exhibitions of his art in major museums and commercial galleries. Earl Linderman has become a brilliant and innovative artist in our time.

In my art, I paint a smooth talking character named Doktor Thrill. His romantic lady loves (for the evening) include a blonde (Snake Lady)a brunette (Blue Angel), and a red head (Lotta Heat). They are “all in the picture.” hoping to catch Doktor Thrill’s eye. The setting is somewhere in the thirties and the forties. But the era is more like The Great Gatsby and Tender Is The Night (Fitzgerald). The message is eternal: man and woman seeking romance.

As the artist of this fantasy drama, I see Doktor Thrill as one who plays out the dreams that most men entertain, and I create this on going story in all my paintings. Doktor Thrill becomes the metaphore by which the game of love is undertaken, night after night in all the racy clubs of the world, especially New York, Paris, and all the islands.

While he plays out his dreams on a canvas stage, Doktor Thrill’s adventures (which are thrilling and may be true) are part of a repartee to keep the game of love heated and exhilarating.

On into the evening this love chase continues and everyone dresses smartly, rides in

vintage autos, prop airplanes, chain driven motor bikes, and they all cruise to adventure and hopefully LOVE.

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