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Armand Henri Leroux

Armand Henri Leroux Born in Bordeaux, France on July 31,1948. A pupil of his artist father Claude Leroux, Armand learned the art of drawing at an early age. At 15 years old, his father realized his exceptional artistic gift and began encouraging him to be an oil painter. Later, he joined the “Beaux Arts” School and became a talented pupil and friend of the well-known art teacher Gaston Marty, famous for his theater sets for the Opera de Paris and Grand Theatre de Bordeaux.

Leroux often spent his days wandering alone along the docks of Bordeaux painting the architectural motifs of the “Empire” stone bridge on the river Garonne. One of his predecessors of the same subject was Andre Lhote. Later he became one of the most assiduous painter of the banks of the river Seine and the street life scenes on Paris. Very quickly between the Cote d’ Azur and Paris his style became very similar to that of Luigi Loir and Jean Beraud.

Leroux exhibits in the Galerie Visconti in Paris as well as in number of galleries in Bordeaux and currently resides in Dordogne, France.

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