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Angel – Dong Wen Jie

AKA: Angel
Born: 1972
Nationality: Chinese

Biography of Dong Wen Jie

Emerging from the Far East, Dong Wen Jie has created a style that has captivated international art collectors for her focus on fine detail and her distinctive short brush.

Dong integrates many classical Chinese themes in her work and often incorporates Oriental furniture, periodic costumes and courtesan models to emphasize the beauty of a bygone era. Her work captures a moment in time that allows the viewer to see the simpler pure lines of the Qing dynasty.

Dong attended the Xi’an Art Academy in North China where she began her life-long collaboration with Xie Qiu Wa – now her husband. Dong has recently developed in her own right as a leading contemporary Chinese realism artist, and combines this role with being a mother to two young children.

Dong Wen Jie’s works are both dark and hopeful, and reflect her own personal experiences of poverty and despair while developing as an artist in North China. While awaiting permission to finally travel overseas to attend exhibitions, Dong continues her artistic activism and is considered by many to be a strong agent of change in China.

With the myriad of positive changes that have come to China since Deng Xiao Ping’s reforms in 1989, Dong’s works have struck a particularly strong chord with Asian collectors for their fresh regard to classical modesty and elegance. With the increasing popularity of her works, Dong has recently been invited to show her pieces to an international audience in Canada, the United States, France and Spain. Dong’s works are signed with her English name “Angel”, as it is with this gentle purpose that she hopes to reintroduce an Asian tradition of classical beauty that has gone neglected, if not forgotten, over the last half century.
Art Style

The works of Dong and Xie follow in the established traditions of the Asian school of art – where emphasis is placed on technical expertise and the incremental accuracy of the artist’s stroke.

While the post-impressionistic Western schools of art have come to champion form and experimentation over technique, Dong and Xie’s creations, based on variations of Qing dynasty Imperial court classics, have renewed the Chinese oil tradition with a refreshing honesty and passion. With the renewed global interest in oil photo-realism, Dong and Xie have come to be known on the international stage as a “true discovery” and inheritors of a “forgotten art”.

In 2002-2003, the artists allowed much of their life work to be exhibited to an international audience, including exhibitions in Paris, Madrid, Salzberg, Shanghai, Beijing, Canada, and Las Vegas.

Despite the growing demand for their work, Dong Wen Jie and Xie Qiu Wa produce a limited series of original variations for each piece – all by hand. While this limits the number of people who may own their creations, it underscores the purity of their purpose and guarantees value appreciation over time.

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