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Mark Hopkins

When asked how long he had been playing, legendary classical guitarist Andres Segovia answered, “since before I was born.” The same response is likely to be given by master sculptor Mark Hopkins about his art. From his earliest memories, he has always been captivated by form and design.

Biography of Mark Hopkins

Recognizing his talent, Mark’s family and several teachers encouraged him, giving him opportunities to use his abilities and introducing him to various artistic mediums. Throughout twenty years to struggle to support his family of six children, Mark needed to supplement the income from his artwork. To this end, he labored at a number of jobs including construction and janitorial services. In addition, Mark spent several years in the Appalachian Mountains building a home with his own hands. These years widened his experiences, tempered his spirit, and honed his skills. Through these years, he experimented with numerous artistic styles and different casting materials, always searching forthe ideal means of expressing himself through his work.

From this long quest evolved a remarkably unique style of art and the decision to cast his work in the greatest of all sculptural mediums – BRONZE. Mark Hopkins’ bronzes are seen and appreciated the world overfor their beautifully flowing motion, their natural perspectives, and their superior quality.

Mark’s unbelievably wide variety of subject matter reflects his interest in nearly every imaginable aspect of living on this planet – from children, music, history and fantasy, to wildlife of the land, sea and air. Nor does his interest and with his artistic renderings. As a technical expert in “lost wax” bronze casting, Mark involves himself in the casting process, insuring that the integrity of his work is maintained throughout its creation in bronze.

Mark Hopkins sees life as a time for learning and exploring, full of moments of incredible excitement and beauty. In his words, “I strive to express beyond the image, to catch spirit, to reveal deeper emotions, and to share joy.” Mark has only scratched the surface with his talent as he seeks to convey his perceptions and translate some of those moments into enduring sculptural form. His extraordinary work is continuing to develop and challenge itself, evolving into a style that will have an honored place in the history of art.

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