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Eli Hopkins

Biography of Eli Hopkins

From his birth, Eli Hopkins has been surrounded by art. As a small child, he watched his father, sculptor Mark Hopkins, as he created his art and experimented with numerous casting methods. Often, Eli tried his own hand at the work, and was pleased to find that he was also blessed with an ability to create beauty from formless wax or clay. Eli received many awards in high school for his artistic abilities, and was asked to illustrate his high school newspaper. As a teenager, he worked at his father’s foundry, gaining knowledge and experience in foundry methods. As an adult, he worked at another foundry, continuing to familiarize himself with the intricate techniques of casting. Eli soon discovered that all these experiences are invaluable. With his own hard-earned knowledge and father’s guidance, he has been able to move forward at a phenomenal rate, and begin to create his own remarkable line of sculpture. Although taught well, Eli is developing a style uniquely his own. Like his father, he has wide-ranging interests, which will be reflected in a varied and beautiful new line of sculpture.

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