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Alexander Franco

He was born on May 19, 1973, in Palmira Valle, Colombia. His grandfather stumbled across his natural talent for art at an early age. In 1991, he moved to New York City, where he studied drawing, painting, and psychology at King University. Late, he studied Sanford Meissner, which aided him in understanding complexity of being able to understand something from multiple perspectives. In 1995, he returned to Colombia but he was later forced to leave his country due to the instability and civil war that followed. He then moved to Miami, where he studied in the New School of Art and learned new techniques related to conceptual art. At present he is studying on his Ph.D. at UNLV in Las Vegas, like Alex says, “We are like sponges, absorbing every little thing that comes our way. Since these experiences are different for all of us, only we are capable of deciding what is best for our future.”

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