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Creason’s Fine Art Gallery was established by Greg Creason in 2009.. As an artist already established in California but new to the New Orleans art scene after Hurricane Katrina, Creason saw a prime opportunity to emerge onto the . and remained there for almost 4 years. During those years, Creason’s Fine Art Gallery has introduced artists to New Orleans such as Darrell George, Jason Griego, Karen Luke, Tim Church, Justin Yanke, Geraldine Arata, and Fannie Bilodeaux. Additionally, established New Orleans artists Tracy Jarmon, Steve Martin, Aaron Reichert, Kathleen Whitehurst, Ben Hamburger and Ralph Richards were regularly featured.

Like many artists, Greg Creason, a classically trained artist originally from Flint, MI, came to New Orleans in 2009 and was inspired by the brilliant colors, the eclectic people, beautiful scenery and the thrumming history that beats life into the city he now calls home. Many of his works reflect his view on what it is to live and be shaped by the variety of events and celebrations that capture every soul who deign to visit. The gallery is located in the heart of the French Quarter, between Dumaine and Saint Ann, neighboring the historic St. Louis Cathedral. As is common practice, people of all walks of life are welcomed and embraced as if they were family and you can find yourself relaxed on a chaise surround by his unique, one of a kind pieces, while discussing life and current events, often accompanied with other locals. Creason’s works will invoke passion, boundless love, color and awe; the true definition of an artist, the inspired inspiring all who encounter him.

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