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Michael Bryan

Michael Bryan is one of the most sought after artists to emerge on the West Coast in the past decade. Action and movement are the resonant characteristics conveyed by Michael Bryan’s diverse styles and subjects. Using a unique combination of painting techniques and perspectives, he captures the force and grace of sports, the soulful cadence of jazz musicians and the vigor of crowds at play.

Michael Elliot Bryan was born in 1947, in Chicago, Illinois. He studied at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois, and Amonson College, Chicago, as well as Mayfair College and the Art Institute of Chicago. He later worked at the Northwood Institute and graduate school at Elgin College, Elgin, Illinois. After U.S. Army service in 1969-71 in Special Services, he continued to develop his art, showing in innumerable collections and prominent museums, including the Kentucky Derby Museum, Kentucky, and the BMW Museum, Munich, Germany. He has been the Official Artist of many events, including the Newport Beach Film Festival, the Atlanta Jazz Festival, and the Los Angeles Marathon.

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