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Peter Van Berkel (Born: 1956; Rotterdam, The Netherlands)


In 1956, Peter van Berkel was born in Rotterdam. With three brothers and one sister, circumstances were not very easy for his mother, Cornelia van Berkel. At the age of four, Peter went to live with his oldest brother, Jan Hovener, as his mother was hospitalized. Jan was 24 at the time and was a good painter. At an early age, Peter began to learn about painting from his brother. When Peter was twelve, he painted his first oil painting, together with Jan, who lived in the neighborhood of Krabbendijke, a picturesque village in Zeeland.

After attending several educational institutions, including a catering school, Peter van Berkel was faced with a decision of whether to pursue a career in painting in Utrecht or a career with the Delftware Factory. He chose the career in painting and traveled with his brother through Yugoslovia.

While living in Wemeldinge, in Zeeland, van Berkel met several well-known artists including Lodwijk Bruckman, Frans van der Heide, Henny de Korte, and Rein Sievers. Peter began to spend time with Frans van der Heide, and even traveled to Spain with him. Rein Sievers, who was a close friend of Jan Hovener, supported and advised van Berkel.

Van Berkel is very successful and his paintings are many times sold before they have properly dried. Apart from a number of early exhibitions and the large art fairs in Frankfurt, Germany and the United States, he does not exhibit his work very often as his paintings are predominantly pre-sold.

The paintings of Peter van Berkel are found in galleries throughout the United States, including galleries in Naples, Florida; Washington, D.C.; Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; Danville and Tahoe, California; Charlotte, North Carolina; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Gross Pointe, Michigan.

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