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“The Doctor” by James Whistler Available ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

“The Doctor” etching by James Whistler at Centaur Art Galleries

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The Doctor – James Whistler Lithograph

“The Doctor” by James Whistler is just one of the thought provoking pieces of art on display at Centaur Art Galleries of Las Vegas, NV. “The Doctor” is a full body portrait of Whistler’s brother who used his skill as a surgeon during the American Civil War and after in London and Paris. Whistler uses what he knows as inspiration. This is what makes his work so personal and intimate. James Whistler was one of the great artists seen during the nineteenth century though “The Doctor” is one of Whistler’s later lithographs. He loved music as well as art. “The Doctor” was etched in recognition of his brother coming to his residence in Paris to see his sick wife. He has a great reputation as an etcher. Much of his work is of family portraits. Whistler uses much detail in his brother’s face, but his use of lines and shading is exquisite. There are no colors except black in his etchings to imply harmony. Lines are more important than color and black is the fundamental are two principles he believed true. Black was also one of the first colors used by artists. During the 18th and 19th centuries, black was a dominant color in fashion. Paris became the fashion capital of the world. Lines are just a piece of music just as the lines he uses are only pieces of his art. They are only pieces of a whole.

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