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Artwork Title: SILENCED COLT.45 Blackened

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Subject: .45 caliber Colt M1991A1 w/ silencer


Background: A beautiful interpretation of a U.S. military staple. Rouse has inverted the subtlety and subterfuge of a silenced weapon and created a stark contrast between functional intent and visual impact.

Dimensions Unframed: 

  • AP    65” W x 33.5” H,    Edition of 8
  • L      80” W x 41.25” H,   Edition of 8
  • M     65” W x 33.5” H,    Edition of 4
  • S      50” W x 25.9” H,    Edition of 15
Price Legend
Artist Name: Rouse, Jon
Price Range: $$
Artwork Medium: Photo Fusion
Artwork Dimensions: Medium Framed: 70.5" W * 39" H
Item Number: 52501
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