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Artwork Title: Mossberg Butterfly

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Subject: Mossberg 500 Mariner with pistol grip used by Dennis Hopper’s character in the motion picture Speed.Background: This piece combines the rugged utility of an American-made shotgun with an overlay of delicate Raku tones and butterflies. Like other pieces in the collection, Rouse has juxtaposed these seemingly distinct elements to create something at once uncompromisingly powerful and haltingly beautiful. Early in his artistic journey, Rouse has the pleasure of learning from an expert potter named Axel Cruz who introduced him to a type of Japanese pottery called Raku, and the world of Japanese color and art. The Raku concepts of enjoyment, comfort and ease are extended into the butterfly motif which creates a subtle camouflage pattern over the 12 gauge shells that the shotgun rests upon.

Dimensions Unframed:
  • AP    111” W x 51” H, Edition of 2
  • L      111” W x 51” H, Edition of 2
  • M     85” W x 39” H, Edition of 4
  • S      65” W x 30” H, Edition of 8



Price Legend
Artist Name: Rouse, Jon
Price Range: $$
Artwork Medium: Photo Fusion
Artwork Dimensions: AP Framed: 117" W * 57.5" H
Item Number: 52479
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