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Artwork Title: Crimson MK ll

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Subject: Mk II defensive fragmentation hand grenade.

Background: Raw destructive power barely contained. This study of the first widely-produced U.S. Military grenade challenges the viewer not to find deep beauty in the pocked industrial textur and the stark contrast between 3 5/6 inches of cast iron and 15 feet of effective fragmentation radius.

Dimensions Unframed: 

AP     59.25” W x 81” H, Edition of 4

L       59.25” W x 81” H, Edition of 2

M       44.5” W x 61” H, Edition of 4

S       30” W x 41” H, Edition of 8


Price Legend
Artist Name: Rouse, Jon
Price Range: $$$
Artwork Medium: Photo Fusion
Artwork Dimensions: AP Framed: 64.75" W * 86.5" H
Item Number: 52478
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