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Artwork Title: Bokeh HK

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Jon Rouse – PRIMER the art of weaponry show

Subject: Heckler & Koch 53k, fully automatic on .566 bullet rosette.Background: The immediate effectiveness of an automatic machine gun wrapped in Bokeh blurred fabric.

Bokeh is the way that a camera lens renders points of light that are out of focus, categorized as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ bokeh based on whether or not it is pleasing to the eye.
Here, Rouse has wrapped a weapon of war with a Bokeh fabric, creating an interplay between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ within the image itself.
Inherently, it asks: “Is this tool ‘good’ or ‘bad’?”Dimensions Unframed:  
AP    60” W x 60” H, Edition of 4

L      60” W x 60” H, Edition of 2

M     48” W x 48” H, Edition of 4

S      34” W x 34” H, Edition of 8

Price Legend
Artist Name: Rouse, Jon
Price Range: $$
Artwork Medium: Photo Fusion
Artwork Dimensions: AP Framed: 65.5" W * 65.5" H
Item Number: 52477
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