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“Noble Purity – Mona Lisa” – by Mark Lewis – Available at Centaur Art Gallery (SOLD) ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

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Purchase “Noble Purity – Mona Lisa” from Centaur Art Gallery (SOLD)

Noble Purity- Mona Lisa by Mark Lewis can be seen inside Centaur Art Galleries in Las Vegas Nevada. Many of Lewis’ pieces are on display their as well. “Noble Purity- Mona Lisa” is a mixed media painting. Mixed media is a combination of fine art with digital media. The subject of “Noble Purity – Mona Lisa” is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. The Mona Lisa is one of the best known pieces of artwork in the world. Noble refers to a distinguished person. In the 1500’s, high status was usually a prerequisite for having a portrait produced. Purity can refer to the paintings subject as being simple. The woman in the portrait was wearing nothing extraordinary, and the background seems realistic; it is that of the countryside. Lewis tends to focus on different genres. Art is his way of documenting what he sees to be important. Mixed media offers much self-expression to the artist. The artist can achieve many effects with mixed media as well. Lewis began his career as a photographer only after serving his country in the United States Navy. Photography was only just the beginning, he dabbled in all the fine arts eventually. “Noble Purity- Mona Lisa” is a collage of different pieces of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Many of Lewis’ concepts were shaped around the idea of technology. His style uses a very particular technique. Lewis’ talent creates inspiration. Mark Lewis is one of the many contemporary artists Centaur Art Galleries in Las Vegas exhibits.

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