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Serigraph Artwork “Celebrating 100 years of Neon” By LeRoy Neimen ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

Centaur Art Galleries of Las Vegas has the largest exhibit of LeRoy Neiman’s artwork on display. LeRoy Neiman was an American artist who lived between 1921 and 2012. He is known for his use of sriking colors, and is well known for paintings of leisure life and athletic competitions such as the Olympics, the Super Bowl, the World Series, championship boxing, PGA ant the Masters golf tournament, entertainment, and gambling to name a few. Neimen’s “Celebrating 100 years of Neon” produced in 2005 was commissioned by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority through Centaur Art Galleries. “Celebrating 100 years of Neon” is a plate-signed serigraph with a total edition size of 500, of which 250 are hand-signed.


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The screen print is a collage of typical scenes you will see in Las Vegas, the show girl and the cowboy and you can’t forget about the gambling. At the top of the serigraph is the well-know “Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign. Above the sign reads 100 YEARS 1905 – 2005. The name Neimen gave the painting, “Celebrating 100 years of Neon,” is interesting. On May 15, 1905, Las Vegas was officially founded a city. In Las Vegas, we have the Neon Museum. The Neon Museum is where all of the old Las Vegas signage goes to retire. The museum didn’t officially open until October 27, 2012, but the point giving the background to the museum is Las Vegas is known for its neon lights. You can also see many of LeRoy Neiman’s other brilliant pieces inside Centaur Art Galleries of Las Vegas.

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Jon Rouse – Centaur Art Galleries Presents “PRIMER the art of weaponry” on April 22, 2017 ˜ Centaur Art Galleries

“PRIMER the art of weaponry”

A study of POWER vs. Beauty in the monochromatic world of weaponry.

Invitation to a private reception. Our featured artist Jon Rouse will be in attendance.

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